What is IronShield?

IronShield is a system that provides prevention and intelligence by monitoring the personal networks of users and their environments.

It consists of two elements:

A hardware probe, robust and not “intervenable”, (ruggedized or domestic formats).

A management and monitoring panel which displays alarms and events produced by all the probes in an installation.

What does IronShield do?

Permanently scans WIFI bands in the near environment.

Analyses each packet received by radio.

Feeds on 802.11 metadata.

Detects potential “Rogue Access Points”.

It captures information about de-authentication prior to attacks of impersonation or passwords decryption.

Collects information from:

→ Permanent devices near the probe.

→ Devices that have been occasionally and issued some type of information such as connection attempts.

→ Information about networks and close clients

Real-time alerts about attack attempts: on the panel, by SMS or Email.

Correlates data between different probes.

Stores router logs and alerts about critical changes.

Permanently monitors the probes conditions.

Reasons that make IronShield unique

Oriented to protection with intelligence and counter-intelligence features.

Very easy probe installation.

API that allows simple exploitation of data and seamless evolution.

Integrated in “Cyber-escort” concept by GH Crecemos.

Very flexible and adaptable to customer requirements

Developed in Spain.